Justin Bieber thanks us, his fans, every single day, he's gratful for us, he treats us the best way & he always makes our days. Is there any reason YOU want to thank HIM for? If so, submit your own message :) It will be updated as soon as possible. Last time he did that? Click here.
Thank You Justin Drew Bieber ♥

Thank You Justin Bieber Video Made By @FayBeliebe

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Justin Drew Bieber, thank you.

Thank you so much. You taught me how to believe in myself, how to ignore everybody who tries to push me down. I  know that you will never see this, I know that you don’t have the faintest clue that I’m alive, but thank you.. for helping me to believe. I will always support you. #neversayingnever

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Justin Bieber? The most, beautiful and talented man walking this Earth? The most sincere, amazing person known? Yeah, I’ve heard of him.

In fact, not only have I heard of him, he’s my inspiration. I want to thank him for everything he’s done for us. Haters don’t realize that Justin works his butt off to make us happy. All they see is someone who is a lot more good looking and talented then them and they feel the need to judge. Thank you, Justin Bieber. Don’t change for Anyone. -@Belieber_Mimi1

{Ps: Thanks for following me, Justin!}

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Justin you are absolutely amazing! And that’s why I thank you. Your so talented, your voice is beautiful just like you. No girl wouldn’t dream of meeting you, cause I would be more than excited I would practically either faint or be totally speechless. Every song that you sing, I adore.
You are my hero and my ro-model. You followed your dream, and it became reality. Well done Justin, because your not just amazing your a success. You inspire me so much, and that’s why I desire you. You have taught me a valuable less, NEVER SAY NEVER. To follow my dreams and never give up. And never back down in what I believe in. I really couldn’t live without you! Life would never be the same. Thank you sooo much Justin! Never change! Love you! From @BrookedanielleX Thank you! Lots and Lots of love!XOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Thank You! <33

Hey Justin,
I just wanted to say thank you. Without you I wouldn’t be this far in my life!
THANK YOU for helping me to believe in my self , follow my dreams and NEVER SAY NEVER! everytime people tell me I can’t do something I just tell them NEVER SAY NEVER.
And for me you’re a hero and a legend. THANK YOU for showing how much pride you have in your fans. THANK YOU for showing the world your story because its freakin’ AMAZING . THANK YOU for being an incredible inspiration from these past few years, you work hard for everything you do and your fans … and that’s one of the reason you got where you are now, your truely TALENTED , don’t let them haters tell your different. You seem so perfect from my point of view. You’ve never change, and i like you just the way you are and it would mean the world to me if I met you. THANK YOU for changing my world and I love you <3

from @DailyXBieber (one of your Swedish Fans)  
xoxo. MUCH LOVE <3 

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thank you <33333

 heeey everyone. this is Bianca :D im from romania. i just wanna thank JUSTIN BIEBER becoz he actually inspired me and changed my whole life.i just cant explain how happy and proud iam to be a BELIEBER. i cant even handle thisss Biiiieebeeer Feeveeer which is in a very bad case :D i love love love love love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE yooou sooo fuckin much. i cant even explain the feeling! ♥ id like soo much u too see all these facts and stuff from us, ur gurls :D u gotta know well LOVE you forever no matter what. no matter when. no matter why. #muchlove I.LOVE.YOU.SO.FUCKIN.MUCH. ♥ 

                                     with muuuux love, ur biggest fan                           from this smaaall town, and maybeee the only                          one from here[romania] who is lovin u so                                 much ♥ #teambieber 

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Thank you!

Hey Justin, 


I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. You don’t understand how much you have affected some teenage girls life. I will never say never thanks to you. 

Love you always Justin. 

Lucy. xxxx


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I Thank You, Justin Bieber

because you are my inspiration and beacuse of you livemy life with big dreams # NEVERSAYNEVER && I thank you for making me happy :]]

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thank you<3

thanks for your inspiring movie and songs.!!thank you for loving your fans we love you so so much..!!<3

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Thank you Justin

Justin Bieber I love you so much i know you won’t notice me easily but i don’t give up, i always say NEVER SAY NEVER when it comes to following my dream, i just want to say thankyou. my twitter @nooshinbieber

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